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Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 | 0 comments

Introduction to Social Media For Business

Introduction to Social Media For Business


What is Social Media

In a lot of ways social media is a channel that allows people to do what they have always done…Connect with each other and share their thoughts and opinions with other people.

You talk with friends, family members and employees at businesses you visit so its only  natural to carry this behavior  with you online.

For businesses the connection with your customers has always been paramount. Traditionally you’ve communicated with them in store, over the phone or email – or companies would use TV, radio and print to communicate with their customers.

But it isn’t really a conversation.

Now with social media your customers are able to respond to your communication effort enabling you to engage in a true conversation.

You can connect with your customers in a whole new way and it allows you to interact with them as they go abut their day to day life – which is much more natural.


Social Media in Action

So, lets say your company tweets about a special promotion. One of your followers may see it, love the deal and the share it with their followers on twitter giving you the perfect opportunity to reach out to potential customers and spread your message.

A great way to think about social media is that its really just people talking to people and everything they say something through a tweet or a facebook status it is seen by other people.


Build  a Community Around Your Brand with Social Media

Businesses can use this to amplify their message, find new leads and build a community around their brand.

This wild world of social media is made up of a wide variety of social media sites where people express themselves.

These can include the larger social networks such as facebook , twitter, linked in, youtube and google +. Or niche networks such as foursquare, tumblr and pintrest.

What all of these have in common though is that billions of people are using them to share things about their lives, which includes your business. With  social media you’re able to connect on a more personal level, with the people you are doing business with, creating an emotional connection and building a human brand.


Whether your business is on social media or not there are people talking about your brand and now is the time to jump into the conversation and talk with them.


Social media is a way for people to connect with other people about their lives, their interests and their careers. So where does your business fit in?


Are You Ready to Start Building a Brand Around Your Business?

Digital Hinge is a Singapore Digital Agency focused on Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing to generate more leads and grow revenue.

Digital Hinge can act as an extension of your marketing team as your Social Media Manager and Help You Build a Community Around Your Brand.

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Simon J Co-Founder of Digital Hinge and a serial entrepreneur with over 17 years spent building 8 businesses in 3 countries and 4 industries. Simon is also an Early Stage Micro Venture & Start-Up Seed Investor. Contact him at simon[at]digitalhinge[dot]com  Lean Startup Evangalist. View All Posts By Simon J

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